CBD and Medical Marijuana

The “Buzz” about Hemp Oil and Medical Marijuana

by Lisa Mitchell

Hardly a day goes by now without hearing about the current explosion of products and information about CBD oil, or Cannabinoid Products and their potential benefits. With just a couple of computer mouse clicks we can find hundreds, even thousands, of links to information and science about Hemp oil and Medical Marijuana on the worldwide web. But what’s the difference? And why do we want it in the first place??

Marijuana and Hemp are closely related, but are different in one key area: their THC content. Most of us would associate the benefits from these plants as being the THC, or the one component we hear about most often. Although it may have been fun if one inhaled in college, the THC, or phsychoactive compound in Marijuana, has negative long-term potential side effects which include nervousness, anxiety, depression, sleep disorders and memory loss. In the case of a Hemp derived Cannabinoid product, there is much less THC (less than 3%, compared to upwards of 30% in Marijuana), so it has a higher concentration of the other Cannabinoids, which are a host to a growing number of studies and have no Psychoactive properties. As a supplement, it is safe for all ages, because it is a key foundational nutrient our bodies were designed for. So foundational, it’s found in significant amounts in breast milk!

As it turns out, we have an operating system within our bodies (as with all four-legged animals) called the Endocannabinoid System which is regulated by Cannabinoids, both manufactured from within, as well as ingested through food. This Endocannabinoid System, when properly functioning and balanced, promotes homeostasis in other operating systems, such as our Brain & Nervous System, our Immune System, and Pain & Inflammation Pathways, among others. Stress hormones, environmental toxins, and chronic illness may impair our body’s ability to manufacture this key nutrient. Anandamide (Ananda is Sanskrit for Bliss) is an incredible Endocannabinoid, which was coined the “bliss molecule” when discovered. Although this mechanism was discovered by Raphael Mechoulam as well as NIMH researchers William Devane and Dr. Lumir Hanus over 30 years ago, this operating system is still not a topic covered in any Anatomy or Biology courses.

The benefits connected with a properly nourished Endocannabinoid System are well documented, and numerous. Endocannabinoid Deficiency is connected to various health concerns, and information can easily be found on the internet. Some documented conditions improved by Cannabinoid intake include migraine, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, and other functional conditions.

Cannabinoid supplements, or CBD oil, can also easily be found on the internet, but as with most things, are definitely NOT created equally. Unfortunately, as with many supplements, they can be sourced from unclean growing areas, extracted using cheap solvents, sprayed with pesticides, and are not easily absorbable into our body’s cell membranes. Most CBD oils are only 5-15% bio-available into our cells, so we are only getting that much out of what we spent, and may be getting extra toxins and solvent residue.

The most potent, pure and bio-available Hemp Cannabinoid Product was developed by Dr. Christopher Shade, a double PhD Biochemist, who started as an Organic Biodynamic Farmer. He uses an unparalleled Nano sized particle, Liposomal Delivery System which provides full spectrum, CO2 extracted, Organically sourced Hemp Cannabinoids which are 98-100% bio-available. This nano sized particle is within the exact size range which our bodies would break this nutrient down to, during digestion, and is wrapped in a single layer liposome, which is made up of Phospholipids, the same as found in our cell membranes. After being diagnosed with autoimmune disease 9 years ago, I am blessed to have this, and other powerful natural tools to maintain my health, so I can keep up with life’s daily challenges. For more information, stop by the shop and ask about Prime my Body Nano-Enhanced Hemp Oil, or go to www.down2earthgal.primemybody.com

To your best health,

Lisa Y. Mitchell

Down 2 Earth


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